Reception design Interior

First impressions last

The first thing any visitor to your office sees is the reception area. Whether it’s an important client or a trusted supplier who’s coming to do business with you, it’s important to make a great first impression. After all, people talk and bad news travels quickly. A well-designed reception area will give your visitors positive thoughts and feelings about your company right from the start.

The ideal reception area calls for a design that’s carefully balanced between several important considerations:

  • Is it welcoming?
  • Is it secure?
  • Does it look professional?
  • Is it practical?

You want your reception area to reflect your corporate brand personality and inspire confidence and trust in what you do and how you do it. Shapeinno can deliver.

Don’t underestimate your space

The office reception area is often an underused space. Don’t waste this valuable commodity. We can help you create a multi-functional area that’s perfect for holding informal meetings and dealing with quick tasks, too. Keeping the key design elements in mind – professional, stylish and functional – we’ll carefully consider colour, layout, materials and branding to suit your space. Your office reception should tell the story of your organisation’s personality. We’ll help you achieve that by planning every aspect of your space down to the finest detail.

With our experience in designing and creating custom-built furniture, we’ll transform your reception area into a space that reflects the image you want to project. We can design and manufacture reception desks and counters in any shape, size and finish to suit your corporate identity. Photo-real visual plans give you a great sneak preview of how your reception area could look and feel.


A welcoming place to do business

A welcoming office lobby reassures your visitors that your company is one they can trust to do business with. With our expert office designers on board, we’ll help you convey a professional image to suit your company.

Bearing in mind that this is a place for your team and visitors to wait in and pass through, we aim for visual impact that tells the story of your brand personality and your unique selling points. And we never forget important considerations like sight lines, storage, flow and efficiency.