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The Anda Present is a corporation what is reachable in 44 countries worldwide, which manufacture more than 3,700 types of premium business gifts and promotional products. For the company we designed a 225 m2 unique, yet modular exhibition booth for PSI exhibition Düsseldorf, in 2013. The PSI is an annual international exhibition for companies who are manufacture and vendor promotional items, what held in Düsseldorf.


The Client’s request was that possibility by which the booth could be variable into four-five basic areas, because in addition to the PSI, they also would like to be in other smaller exhibitions with this booth. Thus, we had to design a simple variable exhibition booth, which suited to the located endowments, as well as in size as in functionality. That means, we need a unique yet modular booth, what has a possibility to using and varying the booth elements in which we could build even 9-225 m2 booth size. In addition to the exhibition booth manufacture and construction, we had to take a care of the booth’s quality, and make sure it endures the multiple stand ups as well.


Due to the modularity, familiar with the exhibition stands, SYMA system chosen ground for frameworks what we converted into unique boot by the outside premium cover. During the planning process the existing identity elements used for the exhibition boot design. As the colors of Anda Present’s image are yellow and magenta, so we chose these colors to the revetments designs. The brand is very emphatic and noticeable from afar with large surface illuminated posters.


In Düsseldorf, the company had represented themselves with the largest version, the 225 m2 big booth. In order to maximize the use of the booth, into the side walls we integrated large “L” shaped cabinets, for the presentation of diverse products platform. Also in these wall sections get placed one-one, framing emphasized poster artwork, which illuminate by the spotlights from the framing. On the main front we placed the information desk, right behind it the VIP lounge is located, what is separated by graphics image decorated plexi plates. Around in a C shape of the VIP lounge and information desk we placed the lounge part of the bar. We designed on the rear wall the bar counter, behind it the warehouse located, where the promotional flyers, and the bar excess inventory can be stored, all so as because practical reasons a direct link could make between the warehouse and the bar counter.


On one side of the bar counter we give place for the slightly separated negotiator. For the negotiator’s exclusive feeling many elements response such as a media wall with a LED TV, whereat during the conference different kind of products could be presented. We reached a more comfortable feeling at the negotiating part of the booth by installed plants, while on one side a cabinet responds for the real time presentation of promotional items. On the other side of the bar counter a promotional wall housed, where a mini photo studio was constructed so all visitors could take a picture with the company’s mascot. We provided the rear entrance to the warehouse between the bar and the instant photo studio.


The exhibition booth can be recognized from afar, thanks to the huge posters, which located in the axis of the booth, above the bar. It is an oddly emphasized element, because it is a dual element high frame, which upper area a graphic image located.


After the exhibition of Düsseldorf, the company appears the same but smaller variations of this exhibition boot: in Warsaw with a 75 m2 and in Paris a 85 m2 booth.

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