ProjectsBlack Pearl


During the project our task was to form planning the bubble tea beverages making Blackpearl Company’s whole brand image and shopping mall kiosk. Because the company previously had not been on the market, we had to build up a completely new brand for them.

All trough shaping up the company’s image our Client’s request was a clear-out and clearly understanding communication from the products. The base of the logo is rest on a stylized bubble tea shaker cup, what we supplemented by a spectacular title. When we planning the company’s image we also designed, beside the classical brand image elements, unique glasses, shakers and flyers. We believe in one of our principles, what’s says the unitary image is reside in tiny details.

When we planed the shopping mall kiosk we had to take notice of the locale properties, it’s meant the kiosk organized in one side on the wall, so it can be approached from three sides. In the front of the kiosk we situated the vision counter, where we put down the different kind of bubble tea pearls and syrups. The vision counter is strongly emphasizes by the plastic brand logo which is pulled back towards into the kiosk from the main front, situated before the counter. On one side of the kiosk we planned a bar counter, where we put some lamps which hanging from the rooftop what ensured more intimate feeling. On the other side we installed a lockable door which facilitated access in and out of the kiosk and the replenishment. At the back side the sink, refrigerator, storage shelves are installed which are integrated into the rear wall. Also in this wall a lighting supply and price list board is situated, which provides clear and quick information for the guests from the commodities and their prices.

All shopping center kiosks are lay an enormous emphasis on lighting. Of course, from this kiosk what we planned is not an exception, so we set up different light effects in the booth. With indirect lightning what running along the top edge of the desk and follow the logo outlined mimic, make even more exclusive feeling. The logos were also have an indirect backlighting, hereby making the brand more eye-catching. We built in spotlights into the roof panel what insured due illuminate irradiation for the service area, just as at the bar counter from the roof panel we hanging down lamps what creating an intimate atmosphere, which is inviting to guests. The same lamps have another major role, what is gently separate the local consumers from the rest of the booth.

The counter is 110 cm tall in all three sides, so the guests are see into the booth. It is require also getting nice design furniture inside as well. The internal surfaces have white color, which brings back the logo’s base color in the design and also suggests cleanliness, what we expect from a host spot.

The image is based on graphite gray and white colored, circular logo, which supplemented with a few strong colors. To keep alive the clear-out design these strong colors are show up in one-one element.
The same colors and the circular shape smuggle it into the floor decal design which are surrounding the kiosk. In addition to highlighting the booth, the other important functions that walkability around the area of the kiosk is clearly setting limits.

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