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During the project, our task was to rebrand the candy and ice cream vending Candy Scoop Company’s whole brand image and redesign them shopping mall kiosks. The old blue-yellow-red image is slightly outdated and less fit in with candy and ice cream’s mood. The Client would like to complete the current kiosk with a bar counter section where the guests can enjoy them ice cream with a cup of good coffee.

Midst of the company’s image design the customer’s request was a clean, elegant update of the current logo, but because the candies retain the playfulness. We kept the yellow color of the original logo, what we combined with candy pink in the new logo. While we designed, the classical booth elements, we also planned unique ice cream and candy cup, spoon, coffee cup, ice cream board and flyers. We believe that the unified brand image belongs to pay attention to every little detail.

When we planned the shopping mall kiosk we had to take notice of the locale properties, which enabled a 12 m2 island stand, whose height could not exceed 120 cm. The shopping mall kiosk’s area was a certain size, so the bar counter is built into the side wall of the kiosk, with this we could save space, while it created a separated space. As the guests see into the kiosk, it was important that the interior furniture also receive a beautiful design.

An important aspect was the removal of candies, so we dreamed such a kiosk decoration design that attracts the eye from a distance and clearly communicates the stand profile.

At the line through of kiosk we favored the curved shapes cause the logo shape. Because of the strong basic colors of the image a little graphic was required at the kiosk was to keep a clean design. In the candy panel edges and the bar counter frame we hide an indirect edge lightening, thus emphasizing even more the candies hidden behind the Plexiglas wall.

The functionality was the same important part of the planning process, such as the design planning. For the Client’s request in to the shopping mall kiosk we configure a corner work area in which a sink and a freezer were placed. The corner work area is separated by a sliding door solution, that can be easily hidden from the guests eye when not in use. During the shopping mall kiosk’s designing process the basic requirements was to avoid that the product get outside territory of the kiosk, the inside standing servers through view of the products, and from the inside of the kiosk they could reach the full product portfolio, while the guests do not feel isolated from the products.

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