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We are proud to be the exclusive BTL and exhibition installation agency who worked together in a number of successful projects with Carlsberg Hungary. The Carlsberg Group is one of the world’s largest brewing company, under them product portfolio more than 500 different beers and beer-type beverages belong. Just to mention a few, in Hungary marketed and popular products, such as Carlsberg, Trubo and Holsten beers, and Sommersby cider. Carlsberg’s would like to accentuate the brand with an own image design lounge bar in the heart of Budapest.  In the forming of the interior the Client’s request was to create a unique premium-look pub design in Hungary, which can be a great point gatherings, both local residents and tourists, whether for having a beer, or watching a match. This pub is fortunately situated in a very busy and popular location in the center of Budapest, not far from the Nyugati railway station, in the side of Eiffel square.

In the course of forming the concept the Carlsberg brand element colors using for created the interior. Attentive the idea of a premium pub we decorated the interior with two or three primary colors combined clean, image-type appearance. Demolition the already exist baseboard would have a lot of extra cost, so we made such a price-friendly propose to our customers in which we adapting to the baseboard, and we use its dark-stained oak  matter in the interior design.

The lounge part main decorative motif, from interior design aspects, is the cassette wall, which include more spatially different depth and size of box. This wall we covered up with artificial grass, artificial skin, and smooth and lighting Carlsberg graphics, with this playfulness loaned to the interior space. The snake like curling bar counter and the spectacle shelves behind it, has received around indirect edge lightning, which not only enhances the premium feel, but it is very attention-even from the street as well. In the evening, for upping the Carlsberges mood, over the bar counter green iridescent pendant lamps were designed. Bringing back the rustic atmosphere in to the interior, manufactured the buy-in booths, in which we achieved the exclusivity with leatherette sofa surfaces. For reach more privately booths we used Plexiglas dividers.

The bar has two main attractions the elevator’s inside graphics and the Carlsberg foundation year beer bottle display. The outer surface of the elevator covered with a full jar of Carlsberges, the screw in it is when the door opens, because as we step into the elevator we suddenly find ourselves inside a jar. The other visual element we chose a creative solution, cause we put out the foundation year, 1847, with Carlsberg beer bottles, which has an indirect backlight.

As with most services sectors interior designing, in this case we also considered it’s important to meetly addressing the people on the street. The goal was to make the front section, clearly communicated and understandably the Carlsberg Lounge pub, while we do not propagate the unreasonable alcohol drinking and we only apostrophize over 18 years old. Thus, because of the large and homogeneous outer glass surface we designed a hanging, lightning logo and an external window film on to the shop window, which made the Carlsberg pub very emphatic and noticeable from afar. In addition, we only used the official Carlsberg image elements for the window display artwork. In the evening the pub window is oddly accentuate by the round placed green decorative lightning.

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