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Intelligent Loss Prevention (ILP), is an American corporate, what vends anti-theft and safely merchandise products, the latest product line, the J-Plug showed on the GlobalShop in 2014. J-Plug speciality is with only one audio socket, simply connect to the product. GlobalShop, the world’s largest annual event for retail design and shopper marketing, what was held in Las Vegas in 2014.


As a new range of products have entered into the American market, the Customer’s request was to come up with a very modern and fresh design, prepared in that way every element manufactured in Hungary what in the United States have only taken out of the carrier boxes. This meant pre-reflective thinking during the design planning process, so we need to minimized the possibility of the on-the-spot construction, and it is also limited the planning’s installation dimensions. Another interesting feature of the exhibition stand is the company would like to reuse the elements, furniture several times in other exhibitions, that’s why we particularly pay attention to the durability and the high quality.


Accordingly, we designed a sleek, modern and functional booth, whose elements are fully manufactured in Hungary, which in Las Vegas, on the show, had only look after about the set up fixing. The stands can be approached from around three sides, but in one side a neighbor stand joined to it, so it was obvious that we need to make a kind of impoundment. One side of the booth we planned such back-wall-elements which are different in space and height, with this providing a dynamic design and the separation of the neighbor stand.

We placed in these wall elements the company, and the new product family, the J-Plug identity materials, which emphasized illumination, each top of wall section.


The lounge is designed in the middle part of the stand to provide the around openness and passing, and also not to distract attention from the trade show displays. In the lounge area several seats, tables and floor lamp housed, which provide a friendly and inviting environment. Around the lounge section the product presentation, mushroom-like design displays were located, for its shapes we had a several good reasons: the company’s round icon reflected in the design and also the display’s entire surface widely utilized for product placement. The round shape forwards the around-viability and also ensures quick and easy access to the product. In the stand’s area two other totem displays are located, both exhibition furniture have two sides, by this they provide bigger interface for media items. One of the totems we placed LED TVs, for the products presentation, underneath the products are placed which ensure clear information to the customers. The another totem has a similar construction as mentioned above, so much different as there are no LED TVs, but into the surface we integrated LED lighted images what provide the advertiser, explanatory function. In order to use multiple the LED graphic images, could be easily replace by snapping up the frame


In all display we alloyed the white color whit wood, which reflects today’s trends, thus ensuring the design’s freshness. Indirect lighting has been hidden in every display’s edges, which became even more accentuated by it. To hold the premium felt we covered the booth with laminate flooring effect PVC coating.


The brand is very emphatic and noticeable from afar by the round logo what is a chandelier-like hanging frieze element, in which we marked around with image graphics.

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