We are proud to be the exclusive BTL and exhibition installation agency who worked together in a number of successful projects with Carlsberg Hungary. Carlsberg’s largest domestic brand is Somsersby cider, which owns the title of the most popular cider in Hungary for years. In this year Somersby would like to accentuate the brand with a bigger outdoor booth for the summer festivals and outdoor events. For this we must created such an outdoor booth what both in standards and in functionally pick up the tourney with the multi-colored and impressive festival installations.

At the exterior design of the booth the Customer’s request was to design a booth, which easily be varied according to the location capability as well as in size and as in functionality. I.e. a unique but yet modular booth was required, what is suitable for varying and reusing the booth elements with the possibility of construct three different sizes of booth. Besides, during the festival booth manufacture and construction we need to take a care of the quality and the condition endure the multiple stand ups.

According to the customer’s plans they would like to set up the booth nearly 40 locations, including festivals and other outdoor events in this year. So we need to choose as base materials as, which are not only weather-resistant, not soaking in, it does not hurt by temperature fluctuation, but endure for the multiple set ups and even “human proof”. For the main structural frame of the booth we chose steel hollow section, for exterior façade wainscoting fiber cement was chosen

Another area that demands a lot of care to simplify the logistics of building the booth, so make easy and quick the stand ups, wrecking and transporting. The unique modular stand elements are designed to easily, Lego-wise possible to be match, so the practical “everything can disassembled with one tool “principle the stand up time is drastically reduced. With this solution the booth could be installed in just a few hours, compared to other conventional structures, where 4-5 tool should use for compile a booth, and a couple of days.

The flooring set up in the top of the steel hollow section structure, so we completely lift up the booth from the ground, by this it is protected from the rain’s still water. Because the floor receives in any case the most rainfall and external mechanical effects so we covered it with high abrasion-resistant, outdoor using WPC composite coating, with this the booth floor is completely waterproof. We talking about an outdoor booth so the storage must be integrated into the booth with a lockable solution what we had to resolve. One side the booth has a wall, which supplies several functions. On the one hand the earlier mentioned lockable storage is installed into this wall. On the other hand, it is an excellent place for image elements and advertising space cause it has large dimensions. Thirdly, the bar counter could organized to that wall from one side, and we were able to start from here the rain and sun protect canopy/gate. Beside the modularity and used materials, of course, unique design had to be planned, what will remain in the festival-goers memory. Due to the Somersby brand image we tried to combine premium feeling solutions with the festivals lighter sense of life. Thus we also designed, beside the classical booth elements, unique beanbags, seats and bar tables.

The booth has an exclusive feeling by the design’s delicate touch and also with tip out the masses.In the front the design elements had indirect backlighting which emphasized them.  On one side the canopy/gate lean on the service wall on the other side its run down till the floor. This dynamic, eye-catching booth element had an indirect lightening which running along in the edge. In the front a large backlight logo is housed.

The service section situated under the canopy/gate, which in the evening gets the optimum irradiant lightning by the spot lamps and decorative lightning from the roof panel. The another thing is why we put the bar counter (service section) under the canopy cause it is a nature sanctuary from sunrise and from rainfall. Set up this protect if it is necessary both sides of the canopy/gate a manually retractable rain cover found.

Scattered around the booth area surface-printed bar tables, customized bean bags, seats and an ice fishing box located. The ice fishing box is a promotion tool what’s functional principle is so simple. The box is full with icy water and of course With Sombersby cider, then the guests can literally grab them ciders from the box. The longest side of the interface breakthrough by reaching the aquarium properly see the ice fishing box contents. The festival booth design of the course, must beseem into the night life circumstance, so the bar tables and ice fishing box received fluorescent lighting.

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