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UPC Broadband, is the European division of Liberty Global parent establishment, which lands television, Internet and telephone services in the continent for 11 countries, more than 16 million subscriber.
Across UPC Hungary cable networks throughout the country more than 200 settlements, for about 800 thousand families ensure the connection to the digital world possibilities. In 2012 the company renovated them hall and reception in the headquarters of Budapest, updating in modern marks, because the out of date interior has been slightly obsolete, less suited to particular clients receive.
Since in the building a direct customer service does not work, we have created a unique entrance area and reception, what provides an impressive space for the customers of the top management, as well as it radiate a warm, friendly atmosphere towards for the workers.
At the interior design the Customer’s request was to design a clean, elegant and cozy atmosphere. As the old interior elements could not be put into the new one, so we need to redesign everything from the basics. This practically meant that, expect the walls and columns nothing else retained, we demolition even the suspended ceiling and also every other revetment.
Arrive at the headquarter we get into the lobby trough of a large and representative gate. As well as all Office Center, also herein we laid great emphasis on this point, because a well-designed entrance leaves a positive first impression in the visiting guests. We’ve redesigned the main steps where metal-halogen lamps integrated what in the evening hours facilitate the orientation. The entire surface of the front door had glazing in which a sliding door designed. This sleek modern design is perfectly complemented by the 19th century facade, so the street front image is not ostentatious and does not destroy the building’s overall picture. The glass surface has an elegant, sandblasted, vinyl logo.

Get into the headquarters we achieved the cozy, yet modern feeling by using warm colors. At the revetments cream color variations appear for offsetting this we chosen the loud, bright red and iconic Barcelona chair in the lounge area. Entering into the reception space, two emphatic office furniture gives the main spectacle. One is the information desk what is receiving a location in front of the entrances, which has modern and flowing lines what has indirect lighting along the edges. The middle front of the information counter, gives space to the elegant and restrained, opal-plexi brand logo, which highlight with indirect backlighting. The other main element, is the side media-wall, which emphasized by a sandblasted plexi plate from the back, cream-colored covering, furthermore it’s also got an indirect lightning escalate the emphasis of the element. In this media-wall a plasma TV housed, in which the UPC’s ads run an endless mode, and at the bottom of the plexi sheath repeatedly reflected the logo, in the form of clean sand blown vinyl graphics.


The walls covered with large, satin-painted MDF hooked panels that along in the bottom have negative plinth what for brushed aluminum decorative disk were selected. These large wall panels, shows the space much broader and bigger. The columns had covered with the same manner and materials as at the walls. We recovered the total internal reception space, and the steps with unglazed gres coated. Purpose of reconstruction the outdoor steps were buffered up, then we used the same cool revetment as in the interior. For the entrance stairs, brushed outdoor steel barrier, for the internal stairs U-shaped brushed, steel railing elements were designed with wall facing indirect LED lighting. The reception area had a suspended ceiling with a floating middle “L” shaped box into which we integrated flush-head spotlights.

During the designing process of the ceiling we had to take care of the ventilation systems and how we join them to the forefront, we solved this problem with ceiling cut-outs and ventilation grilles. The indirect edge light around the „L” shape box equilibrates the ceiling with the information desk and the media-wall illuminating.

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