Vodafone is one of the world’s and Hungary’s leading mobile communications providers, with a wide range of telecommunications and ICT services. They operating worldwide in more than 30 countries have almost 360 million customers and are in partnership with over 40 networks. In this year the Company would like to accentuate the brand with an unconventional retail display in nearly 80 Tesco store. For this we had to create a design which corresponds with in standards and functional to the Customer’s request, but also meet the strict requirements what imposed by Tesco.

During the evolving of the display design the customer’s request was to plan such a display for them in which the products can emphasize promotionally, and the graphics can quickly replaceable. In addition, it was important that the display should fit into Tesco’s shelves face, yet stand out from other competing companies display. This project was a challenge to our designers, because while you observed the strict standards it is not an easy task to design something innovative.

Because the strict brand elements of Vodafone Hungary, the display colors were bound, so we used the snow-white background with “Vodafone red” color. The discussed “Z” item, as well as graphics, logos received the “Vodafone red”, all other part of the display remained white. This minimal use of colors lends a sleek design to the display, and provides a clear communication with customers. As at any design work, besides the design we must laid a great emphasis to usability also, so we tried to make the products easily transparent and accessible to the customers.

The main design element of the display provided by the “Z” shaped, indirect edge light element, which among many other functions, provides a sense of depth as well. This item corresponds to the separation of the different functional areas and also for emphasizes them. Underneath a lockable cabinet was designed, in which there is a possibility to store more products.

Because the Tesco’s shelf image depth is 60 cm we must also taken our display’s depth the same, which making harder the convenient products availability. Thus, a pulled out surface was installed, making it possible to view and easy reach the products. This pulled out item planned like it determining to the function and also can be a part of the dynamic design. In this element platforms formed for the test phones and they associated price tags, so we planned a decided Plexiglas holders. The decided Plexiglas holders greatly facilitate the view of the test phones and made simplify the telephones testing process.  In the display hanging racks and shelves homing is possible, having regard to the wide product range of Vodafone.

In this year the display what we designed and manufactured will be place out in 80 stores throughout in Hungary.

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