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Outdoor booth and festival installations

We’ll create a memorable outdoor booth for your brand – one that’s bursting with creativity and imagination. That’s not to say we ignore the crucial element of durability. We’ll make sure it’s waterproof, weatherproof and ‘human proof’. Create maximum impact while minimising your costs, with a combination of custom design and modular systems. Designed to look great, modular systems make your booth easier to ship, install and store.With no booth too large or small, we’ve got the skills and experience to make sure your brand identity is displayed in the best possible light.

We’ll consider several key elements:

  • Creativity
  • Transparent integration
  • Efficiency and streamlining
  • Resourcefulness and forward thinking
  • Attention to intended uses
  • Budget

Help us realise your vision

Our team is passionate about pioneering new designs and developing unique outdoor booths. Thanks to years of experience, we appreciate the link between the design concept, the event and its patrons, and the overall success of your business.

Expert advice for creating a well-designed outdoor booth

Tricky challenges, such as unpredictable weather and, occasionally, acts of vandalism have to be taken into account when designing an outdoor booth. We’re well-versed in the complex thought processes that go into creating an outdoor booth that works from location to location, throughout the duration of a roadshow or festival season.

You can have faith that our years of experience will help us create a timeless booth that represents your brand to its full potential.

Hassle-free installation

Our experienced project managers can turn what can be a logistical nightmare into a seamless and efficient installation. Keeping a clean workspace, our technicians are focused on the fine details, making sure there’s no need for additional maintenance. In fact, we’re often called out to rectify the mistakes of others who’ve done a less than perfect job, with no thought given to durability. Trust Shapeinno to take your peace of mind and the finer details of the installation process into account.