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Retail displays

Displays can come in all shapes and sizes, covering a wide range of purposes, from the light-hearted and whimsical to the formal and informative – and anything in between. We’ll decide this with you after discussing what you want to sell and who you want to sell to.

As a consumer, you may not always be aware of it when it happens, but a badly designed and uncoordinated display can instantly turn you off a shop or product. Let us help your business avoid this perilous pitfall.

The art and science of retail displays

Will your display be portable or permanent? This important first question will most likely depend on what you’re selling. The upside of a portable display is the flexibility to keep your store looking fresh and current. Whereas permanent displays minimise the hassle of disrupting your stock on a regular basis. We’d recommend a combination of the two.

Whichever display combination you choose, design and lighting are key factors to consider. The right design features, colours and lights show off your product at its best, without detracting any attention away from your product.

Yesterday’s fixtures won’t cut it with today’s shoppers

Your retail competitors are using increasingly sophisticated methods to capture the attention of shoppers. We can help you gain the advantage, with attractive fixtures that keep customers coming back for more. Our display systems make it a pleasure for your customers to keep shopping. With original, innovative designs and well-thought-out promotional zones, our retail displays present your products in a way that helps you sell. Functionality is another key consideration; a display needs to showcase your product and attract the eye from quite a distance.

Your customer needs to be able to see clearly and try your product easily so that they can make an informed decision on whether it’s the right product for their needs. Technical and marketing materials need to be factored in, too. It’s important that we’re able to highlight the product’s key features. We’ll help you find the perfect spot to showcase and sell your product for maximum profitability.