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Retail kiosks

There are some great advantages to installing a kiosk in a shopping mall, airport, sports stadium or department store. Can be temporary or permanent, low cost and in a location with heavy footfall, they can cast your net wide, reaching the public in places where impulse buys are highly likely.

Be consistent in your brand identity

We all know we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. But human nature tends to think differently. A potential customer can tell a lot about your organisation from a kiosk in a shopping mall. Don’t be fooled into thinking brand management is reserved for the big players. It’s important for new and smaller companies to pay attention to their public image, too. Over time, if you’re consistent about who you are and what you do, you’ll build an identity, gain recognition and, with any luck, consumer loyalty.

Our part in this important process is to help you create a clear design that’s easily memorable.

Hook with your look

When you think about it – shopping mall kiosks often have 360-degree exposure in places with high customer traffic. Preparing for all eventualities – whether your kiosk is against a wall or slap bang in the middle of the showroom floor – it’s vital to consider its three-dimensional impact.

Shapeinno understands that, more often than not, it’s your brand’s visual image that hooks in customers. What is your mall kiosk without graphics? An anonymous piece of metal. Let us design your kiosk with the atmosphere and architecture of the mall in mind.

Full-circle design and construction

Generally speaking, mall kiosks aren’t temporary. So there are a couple of important questions to consider…

  • Will it be timeless?
  • Will it connect to the system of public utilities?

… And many more besides.

If you’re planning on making your kiosk a more permanent fixture, we’ll make sure it’s designed and built to last. We’ll also make sure there’s no risk of your kiosk becoming out-of-date. In cases such as fast-food businesses, we take care of everything, including getting water in and getting waste out. Our experience has taught us to be prepared with a solution for every eventuality.